I have served as a Wilmette Village Trustee for the past six years, being elected to two terms in 2015 and 2019.  As a Village Trustee, I have chaired the Judiciary Committee and served on the Finance, Land Use, Public Safety and Administration Committees of the Village.  Prior to becoming a Trustee, I was appointed as a member of the Village’s Historic Preservation Commission, including serving as its Chair, and was a member of Wilmette’s Board of Police and FIre Commissioners.  Professionally, I worked as an Assistant Corporation Counsel for the City of Chicago.  I earned an undergraduate degree from Northwestern University and a law degree from University of Illinois.


I have contributed to the Wilmette community since my husband and I moved here 17 years ago.  With three children, I first volunteered in Wilmette schools and sports activities and, for the past 12 years, have served various roles in Village government.  I am committed to continuing to serve the Village of Wilmette because I am grateful for the residents and the institutions and the businesses that make Wilmette a wonderful place to call home.  


As a leader, I work hard to build consensus, to listen to a wide variety of voices, and to treat all people with respect and understanding.   As a Trustee, I strive to bring a collaborative approach to the Board’s decision making, and have sought creative solutions that balance the interests of residents and businesses with those of the community as a whole.  I believe in the importance of humility in leadership and the value of spending more time listening than talking.


As Village President, my top priorities would be:


The strength of our businesses and commercial areas are important factors in making Wilmette a desirable community for our residents. I will continue to support our businesses and will work to encourage further economic development, not only in our Central Business District but throughout our Village.


Wilmette continues to be in a very strong financial position despite the recent challenges of the pandemic, with a AAA bond rating, increased reserve levels, and stable property taxes.  In light of our financial stability we are in a position to continue to provide the exceptional Village services that our residents expect.  I will work to preserve the high level of services in all departments of our Village, and to support the maintenance of our Village infrastructure, while trying to minimize the tax burden.


I am proud of the leadership I provided across a number of green initiatives in my six years as a Trustee, and as President I will continue to work hard for a sustainable future in Wilmette.


“ Senta is a thoughtful leader and a good listener. Having served with her on the Village Board, it is clear her views are highly regarded by her fellow Trustees. She will do a great job serving all citizens of Wilmette as Village President. ”
–George Pearce (Trustee 1997-2005 & 2018-2019)

Former Village Presidents 

Bob Bielinski (2013-2021), Trustee (2011-2013)
Chris Canning (2005-2013), Zoning Board (1997-2005)
Nancy Canafax (1997-2005), Trustee (1985-1993)
Vern Squires (1981-1989)

Former Village Trustees

George Pearce (1997-2005, 2018-2019)
Julie Wolf (2011-2019)
Steve Leonard (2017-2018)
Carol Ducommun (2013-2017)
Cameron Krueger (2009-2017)
Ted McKenna (2009-2017)
John Levin (2005-2009)
Beth Lambrecht (1997-2005)
Pat Hughes (1999-2004)

Community Leaders 

Chris Dunn, Past Chair, Environmental and Energy Commission
John Flanagin, Former Wilmette D39 Board
Karen Glennemeier, Former Member Environmental and Energy Commission
Stan Kennedy, Former Wilmette Village Manager
Tom Nathan, Former Wilmette D39 Board, Village Center Master Plan
John Olvany, Past President, Wilmette Park District
Amy Wolfe